CCRTD Publishes New Article on Masculinity and Prostate Cancer

Findings from The Prostate Cancer Registry

The Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development recently published an article on sexual function and masculinity among prostate cancer survivors in the Aging Male Journal. 

The article, "Assessing the Impact of Sexual Function on Perceptions of Masculinity Among Prostate Cancer Survivors in the United States," utilizes self-reported data from The Prostate Cancer Registry to assess whether altered sexual function as a result of prostate cancer effects and treatments impacted perceptions of masculinity. This, most recent, publication is one of a few presentations and publications drafted by the Center based on prostate cancer experiences from survivors. The "Aging Male Journal" is a quarterly, peer-reviewd journal covers all aspects of male health throughout the aging process. To see exactly how sexual function impacted masculinity, check out the publication here.